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Updated 05/16/2009.

As one who objects to having information needlessly collected about myself, it's important to me to be upfront and honest about my use of any information that you may provide, intentionally or unintentionally, while visiting my Web site. The intent of this page is to tell you everything that I know.

My web site collects no data on visitors. The site is comprised mainly of static Web pages and the few scripts accept user data and provide (hopefully) meaningful results, without storing any information provided by the visitor. My web site does not place or read cookies. The only persistent data stored by my web site is for the "visitation counter" which may be displayed on some web pages showing the number of visitors to the page. The "visitation counter" code stores only the number of visits and the date of the first recorded visit, without storing any information about visitors.

My web hosting provider, HostGator has their own privacy policy that appears to cover visits only to their web site. Hostgator is silent about whether or not they collect any information about visitors to my Web site. I have no knowledge or control regarding any information gathered by HostGator or its employees, officers, agents, representatives, adverstisers, marketers, partners, flunkies, etc. I'd like to see them be more explicit regarding what information they collect on customer Web sites and how it's used; but for now, this is it.

HostGator makes Web Server logs and visitor Web Statistics available to me. My only interest in Web Server logs is for troubleshooting and at best I may have a passing interest in Web Statistics (who can resist seeing how popular or unpopular they are?).

Now you know what I know.

Disclaimer. Any and all opinions expressed on this page are solely those of the author. The author accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of data provided on this web site, nor does the author accept any responsibility for the use and /or misuse of information provided on this web site. It is the full and sole responsibility of the user to determine whether and/or how best to use the information provided within their own circumstances, and it is the full and sole responsibility of the user to accept any and all benefits and/or consquences of their actions. Please see my Privacy Policy.

Copyright 2001-2009, Tim Sharpe. You are free to use this information for personal, non-commerical use without restriction. All rights reserved for commerical, organizational, or government use. Questions or comments to Flames to /dev/nul.

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